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The selection, order and payment process is a quick and easy one, designed to cater for all industries, no matter where you are in South Africa. We have provided a no mess, no fuss approach to ordering, paying and the collection of your social distancing stickers. As a value-added touch, you can choose your colour or supply us with the HEX code that your brand uses to satisfy branding identity requirements. How nifty is that?!

Sticker variants for your convenience

We have gone out of our way to ensure our entire online process is quick and easy for your convenience. Our team of quirky designers has endeavoured to capture the essence of what social distancing stickers various establishments will require, and relayed this into our range of sticker designs.
Choose your sticker design
  • Social distancing
  • Funny quotes
  • Proudly South African
  • Emoji style themes
  • Greetings
  • Animal theme
Choose your colour
Select the colour of your sticker or provide us with your HEX code for printing. This option offers the ability to not lose your branding identity whilst professionally adhering to social distancing protocols with a vinyl sticker.
Choose your
Currently, there are two sizes you can choose from:
300mm x 300mm
400mm x 400mm.
Choose your
Choose between laminate and non-laminate stickers. Laminate stickers are non-slip and last longer than non-laminate stickers.
Choose your quantity
Our stickers are available in a range of quantities, with a minimum ordering amount of 10. There is no limit to the volume that we can produce!
We have designed our stickers to be attention-grabbing, practical and easy to use. Our ordering process has been similarly designed to help you get your social distancing stickers quickly and effortlessly. By cutting out the courier delivery aspect, costs are kept low too. The end result is a flawless and professional sticker which you can confidently use.

The easy order process

Ordering your stickers is easy-peasy. In just 4 steps, you can order and collect your social distancing stickers guaranteed to assist employees, visitors, shoppers, patients and scholars to responsibly keep their distance in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.
How to order 1
Place your order

Place your order online indicating which sticker you want, which quantity and which colour. Our online shop offers a safe ecommerce platform for payment by credit or debit card.

How to order 2
We process your order

We ship your order to the closest Signarama store to you for production.

How to order 3
Collection point

When your order has been printed and is ready for collection, your local Signarama store will contact you.

How to order 4
Go wild

Stick away to your heart’s content.

Sticker know-how

  • Keep in mind that your stickers will last up to 6 weeks, depending on the laminate type, so you will need to replenish and reapply your stickers at regular intervals to ensure social distancing protocols are adhered to within your establishment.
  • Replace your stickers every 6 weeks to keep your establishment looking professional and to not dilute the message on your floor decals due to heavy foot traffic.
  • Keep your stickers clean by using water and a non-corrosive detergent. Wipe them down daily and avoid scrubbing.
  • Before applying your stickers, mark out the correct distance required between each sticker and apply to a clean and dry floor.
  • When removing your sticker, lift an edge of the sticker and pull it towards you at a 90° angle.
If you require social distancing stickers, order your set or sets today and help your employees, customers, learners, visitors or patients keep a safe distance from each other during these uncertain times.
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