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In a bid to not only flatten the curve but to answer the need for social distancing decals required by our government, Cape Business Online and Signarama came together in response to this growing need. The curatorship, graphic designers and web developers at Cape Business Online quickly set up this service that answers to the needs of businesses and establishments nationwide. CBOL’s printing partner, Signarama happily jumped on board to fulfil the actual printing and become the collection point for consumers. With over 25 stores located in South Africa, sticker orders and collections are possible from your local Signarama.
Cape Business Online

What you can expect from us

Fast turnaround times: our printing partner Signarama uses only the best in production systems, materials and technology which guarantees a high-quality product suited for use in private or commercial sectors.
Non-slip and durable vinyl: the material used for producing social distancing stickers is designed with safety and longevity in mind.
Easy to order: our order process is designed to be user-friendly, fast and effective!
Easy to use: our stickers are easy to peel off and apply as well as easy to remove when needed.
Easy to clean: our stickers can simply be cleaned with a soapy solution. No need to scrub and relatively easy to sanitise by using a sanitising liquid.
Various options: our stickers come in size, colour and quantity variants suited to what your needs are.
Professional end product guaranteed: with our design and planning skills, and our printing partner’s signage and printing experience, you can address your spatial considerations professionally and efficiently.
Excellent after-sales service: we are happy to accommodate requests or queries throughout our service offering.
Competitive pricing: due to our strategic partnership, our pricing model is both competitive and affordable.

The value of a partnership

Cape Business Online is operated by a mix of talented partners who possess both business acumen and technical expertise in SEO services, website design, curated content and digital marketing. Through their unwavering commitment to their clients and the employment of the latest in design and technology in their industry, they strive to go above and beyond in every aspect of their business.

Signarama is the world’s leading branding and signage franchise that operates in more than 64 countries. Signarama is ranked as #74 on the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine which speaks to their ability to serve the communities in which they operate effectively and efficiently. Their established and experienced network of franchises in South Africa are strategically positioned across the country which makes them a great point of contact and collection.
With the combined experience of CBOL and Signarama, you can be rest assured that your social distancing stickers will be of the best quality at affordable prices.
This specific and strategic partnership marries the best in design and print with the consumer in mind. Order your stickers today with our easy process designed for your convenience.